Modifying the Black-Scholes model to valuate preemption right

Volume 1, Issue 1, April 2016, Pages 1-5

Giorgio Consigli; F. Rahnamay Roodposhti; Amin Babaei Falah

Integration of Business Sustainability Education into the Business Curriculum

Volume 1, Issue 2, August 2016, Pages 1-8

Zabihollah Rezaee; NICK, J. Rezaee; SAEID HOMAYOUN

Evaluation of Corporate Governance Practices in Emerging Markets (A case study of Nigerian Banking Industry)

Volume 1, Issue 3, October 2016, Pages 1-27

Babafemi O. Ogundele; Ahmad Nasseri; Hassan Yazdifar

Is Hesaabdaaree an Adequate Equivalent for Accounting?

Volume 1, Issue 4, January 2017, Pages 1-11

Ahmad Nasseri; Hassan Yazdifa; Mohammad Ali Mahmoodi; Akram Arefi

A Heuristic Model for Predicting Bankruptcy

Volume 2, Issue 5, April 2017, Pages 1-7

Ahmad Nasseri; Sajad Abdipour; Shahoo Aghabeigzadeh; Hassan Yazdifar

Simulation of Long-term Returns with Stochastic Correlations

Volume 2, Issue 6, August 2017, Pages 1-9

Giorgio Consigli; Mehdi M. Hosseinzadeh

A Defined Benefit Pension Fund ALM Model through Multistage Stochastic Programming

Volume 2, Issue 7, October 2017, Pages 1-10

Davide Lauria; Giorgio Consigli

Integrating Business Sustainability into Supply Chain Management

Volume 3, Issue 9, April 2018, Pages 1-15

Zabihollah Rezaee

Reputation Risk Management in the Framework of Enterprise Risk Management: Evidences from an Active Financial Institution in the Capital Market of Iran

Volume 3, Issue 10, August 2018, Pages 1-13

Fereydon Rahnamay Roodposhti; Ehsan Askari Firoozjaei; Mojtaba Rostami Noroozabad

Explaining the Mutual Relationship between Board Gender Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility using the Simultaneous Equations System

Volume 3, Issue 11, October 2018, Pages 1-10

Morteza Kazempour; Mohammad Kashanipour; Hassan Yazdifar; Ali Hamidizadeh

The Impact of Propagating Management Accounting Innovations on Organizational Culture

Volume 4, Issue 13, April 2019, Pages 1-9

Karim Nakhaei; Hassan Yazdifar; Mehdi Faghani

The Survey of Whistleblowing Intentions for Accounting Frauds Based on Demographic Individual Differences among Accounting Staff

Volume 4, Issue 14, August 2019, Pages 1-13

Babak Nejad Toolami; Fereydon Rahnamay Roodposhti; Hashem Nikoomaram; Bahman Banimahd; Hamidreza Vakilifard

Impact of Herding on Buy & Hold, Momentum & Contrarian Strategy in Tehran Stock Exchange

Volume 4, Issue 15, October 2019, Pages 1-12

Seyyed Soroosh Firoozabadi; MohammadAli Rastegar Sorkheh

Financial Reporting Fraud Detection: An Analysis of Data Mining Algorithms

Volume 4, Issue 16, January 2020, Pages 1-12

Mahmood Mohammadi; Shohreh Yazdani; Mohammad hamed Khanmohammadi; Keyhan Maham

Tax Policy and Economic Growth in the Developing and Developed Nations

Volume 4, Issue 14, August 2019, Pages 5-25

Masud Shahmoradi; Ataallahe Mohamadi Molgharni; Farzade Moayri

Using the Theory of Network in Finance

Volume 1, Issue 2, August 2016, Pages 9-23

Alireza Kheyrkhah; F. Rahnamay Roodposhti; M. Ali Afshar Kazemi

Investigation of the Factors Affecting on Probability of Company Acquisition (Focusing on Refining and Petrochemical Companies)

Volume 2, Issue 5, April 2017, Pages 9-22

Mehran Kaviyani Joopari; Ali Mohammad Ghanbari; Moslem Peymany Furoshany

Improvement of Users' Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility: Visualization of Financial Statements

Volume 2, Issue 8, January 2018, Pages 9-18

Nassim Shahmoradi; Hashem NikooMaram; Bahman Banimahd; Fraydoon Rahnamay Roodposhti

Is the 52-high-price Strategy Explained by Behavioral Finance? (Uncertainty Effect)

Volume 2, Issue 6, August 2017, Pages 11-21

Mohammad Hesam Jahanmiri; Fraydoon Rahnama Roodposhti; Hashem Nikoomaram

Explaining the Role of Management Accounting Information System in Strategy Formulation with Actors Network Approach

Volume 2, Issue 7, October 2017, Pages 11-24

Nemat Rostami Mazouei; Fereydoun Rahnamay Roodposhti; Seyed Mohammadreza Raeiszadeh; Bahman Banimahd; Zahra Poorzamani

The Ranking of Corporate Social Responsibility by Using of DEA Cross Efficiency

Volume 3, Issue 11, October 2018, Pages 11-22

Javad Ashrafi; Bahman Banimahd; Hashem Nikoomaram

Asset-Liability Management and Liquidity Trap (Case Study: Credit Institute for Development)

Volume 4, Issue 13, April 2019, Pages 11-24

Fahimeh Baghani; Fereydoun Rahnamay Roodposhti; Hamidreza Vakilifard; Mirfeyz Fallah Shams