Aims and Scope

International Journal of Finance and Managerial Accounting

Editorial aims and scope:

The International Journal of Finance and Managerial Accounting (IJFMA) is a free (journal devoted to International finance and management accounting topics.

The Journalwith four quarterly issues publishes leading research across all major research fields in financeand management accounting. Its primary objective is to contribute to the expansion of knowledge related to the theory and practice of finance and management accounting. To encourage and sustain the growth of finance and managerial accounting, it welcomes contributions carrying theoretical and methodological value in a comprehensive set of subject areas, as clarified in the Journal coverage. It is open to research approaches including analytical, archival, case study, conceptual, experimental, and method survey.

The journal not only serves as a filterto ensure that only the highest quality work is disseminated, but also provides timely and helpful feedback to authors to help them developing an effective research and publication project. As such, dedicated subsections of the Journal will be devoted to present articles from recently completed doctoral theses. The Editorial Board welcomes the proposal of special issues on specific topics to be coordinated by appointed Guest editors under the Board coordination.

IJFMA promotes international and interdisciplinary research at the interface of both finance and management accounting topics.


IJFMA publishes high quality research in the following topics:

ü  Corporate financial structure

ü  Financial contracts

ü  Corporate governance

ü  Financial management

ü  Investments

ü  Innovation and technology in MA

ü  Development of MA theory

ü  Management control and accountability

ü  Performance measurement and management

ü  Social, ethical and environmental issues in MA practices

ü  Interface between external financial reporting and internal reporting

ü  Corporate and behavioral governance

ü  International investment and portfolio management

ü  Asset pricing

ü  Decision theory in finance and management

ü  Risk-Reward models in finance

ü  Risk management in the financial industry

ü  MA practices in emerging and developed economies

ü  Cost/management techniques


Key Benefits:

By providing a forum for publishing high quality research on finance and managerial accounting, the journal offers a critical, interdisciplinary and international assessment of theory and practices in these areas. By embracing a wide range of topics related to finance and management accounting and publishing research from a range of theoretical or epistemological positions, this journal is invaluable reading.


Key Journal Audience

Finance and accounting and management researchers, educators, practitioners and policy makers interested in how finance and management accounting fine-grained and critical understanding of how management operate and interact in organization and society.


Reviewing Process

The Journal accepts only previously unpublished and un-submitted contributions. Each submission will be initially reviewed by the Editor or members of the Editorial Board, to assess its general suitability to the journal and, upon positive assessment, it will be sent to at least two reviewers for a detailed blind review. The key factors for the acceptance of a paper for publication are the originality of its contribution, its relevance to development of the subject, and its quality of exposition