Author = Hashem Nikoomaram
Financial Accounting Development and Modernity

Volume 10, Issue 36, January 2025, Pages 209-222


Hamed Arad; Fereydon Rahnamay Roodposhti; Bahman Banimahd; Hashem Nikoomaram

Measurement of damage to scale based on data envelopment analysis: A case study in Saman insurance company

Volume 8, Issue 30, June 2023, Pages 187-200


Seyyedeh Nasim shobeyri; Mohsen Rostamy Malkhalifeh; Hashem Nikoomaram; Mohammadreza Miri Lavasani

Providing an operational technique for hedging interest rate risk with debt issues in Iran

Volume 8, Issue 30, June 2023, Pages 377-394


Mohadeseh Razaghi; Hashem Nikoomaram; Alireza Heidarzadeh Hanzaei; Mahdi Madanchi Zaj; Farhad Ghaffari

Manager’s narratives in the board of director’s report to the annual general meetings: Is it thoughtful?

Volume 7, Issue 25, April 2022, Pages 101-109

Malektaj Maleki Oskouei; Hashem Nikoomaram; Aliakbar Rezaie

The Impact of Corporate Political Connection on Earnings Management Sensitivity: GMM Approach

Volume 7, Issue 24, January 2022, Pages 175-189

shahrzad seraj; Hashem Nikoomaram; Ahmad yaghobnezhad; Hamidreza Vakilifard

The impact of P/E ratio and price return on the stock market Bohmian quantum potential approach

Volume 5, Issue 18, September 2020, Pages 55-62

Neda Allahyaribeik; Hashem Nikoomaram; sara Allahyaribeik; Fereydon Rahnamay Roodposhti

A Novel Selection Model of Optimal Portfolio based on Fuzzy Goal Planning, Considering Types of Investors

Volume 5, Issue 17, May 2020, Pages 133-144

Hamed Omidi; Hashem Nikoomaram; Fereydon Rahnamay Roodposhti; Hamidreza Vakilifard

Improved Profitability and Competition in Two Level Supply Chain by Non-Cooperative Games

Volume 3, Issue 11, October 2018, Pages 59-70

Nakisa Araghi; Hashem Nikoomaram; Farhad Ghaffari

Improvement of Users' Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility: Visualization of Financial Statements

Volume 2, Issue 8, January 2018, Pages 9-18

Nassim Shahmoradi; Hashem NikooMaram; Bahman Banimahd; Fraydoon Rahnamay Roodposhti

Is the 52-high-price Strategy Explained by Behavioral Finance? (Uncertainty Effect)

Volume 2, Issue 6, August 2017, Pages 11-21

Mohammad Hesam Jahanmiri; Fraydoon Rahnama Roodposhti; Hashem Nikoomaram